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National Water Company plants a water storage plant in Kitswamba

By Alex Baluku

National Water and Sewerage Cooperation on Saturday commenced work on first phase of a Water storage plant in Kitswamba Town Council in Busongora County North of Kasese District.

The 160 cubic meters capacity storage facility is expected to be completed in about two weeks according to engineer Isaiah.

Speaking to this online, John Monday Wakighoma, the LC III Chairman for Kitswamba Town Council, said that water storage plant will  ensure reliable water supply in the seven divisions of the town council including Kitswamba 1, Kihoko, Nyakabale, Murambi, Muhumuza, Nyaseke, and Kitswamba Central and would soon be expanded to other parts of Rugendabara Kikongo Town Council.

Wakighoma described the project as a miracle to the people of Kitswamba as the area had stayed for all years without safe and clean water. “The water tank to Kitswamba is a life-changing moment for our people” he said.

“My community needs these tanks and they will serve us with clean drinking water, our people will.” Wakighoma

Mr. John Monday Wakighoma inspecting the construction work of the water tank at the construction site in Kitswamba town council.

Wakighoma says that since the creation of Kitswamba town council, all families have been collecting water from the shallow wells and swamps they share with animals and with these wells located many kilometres away from their houses, women and girls spend significant hours each day walking to collect it. He says that the water they find might not be safe for drinking, but they collect it anyway.

The outspoken town council boss says access to water is more than just a health issue saying it’s the key to gender equality and female empowerment.

He says that education, health, employment, and time all share a common thread you may not expect: women. “For many people, especially women and girls, these four areas represent opportunities lost when one critical resource is absent” he adds.

He says that nothing can be accomplished or improved without first ensuring access to safe water. It is a basic building block that must be secured in order to pursue opportunities such as education and economic growth and create a sustainable thriving community. “That is why I lobbied National Water and sewerage cooperation to change the water story” he stresses

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