Delayed electric fencing of Queen Elizabeth National Park blamed on lack of cooperation between UWA and cattle keepers


Farmers in Kisanga and Rwesorolho villages in Kagando Parish in Kisinga Sub-county of Kasese district, have asked the district leadership to swing into action and harmonize the misunderstandings between cattle keepers of Busunga community and Uganda wildlife authority (UWA) which is said to have delayed the construction works of an electric fence along the queen Elizabeth national park.

The call comes barely a day after elephants from queen Elizabeth National park invaded Gardens and destroyed crops worth millions of shillings in Rwesororo and Kisinga villages.

Farmers say there has been a pull and push between UWA and cattle keepers who have often stopped the UWA authorities from extending the electric fence through the Busunga land claiming the land is not part of the national park.

The land has now turned into a path for the elephants that have periodically invaded farmer’s gardens on the upper side of the area.

The angered farmers made the remarks on Tuesday  evening during an emergency meeting that involved, officials from Uganda Wild Life Authority (UWA), office of the RDC, cattle keepers and the farmers.

According to Specioza Masika and Glades Masika, there is need for the District leadership to find a long lasting solution to the problem animals in Rwesororo saying that if not properly managed it could lead to other challenges in the community.

Okware James an official from Rwenzori mountain National park who represented the chief warden Queen Elizabeth National park asked farmers to be patient as key stakeholders find a long lasting solution.

James however asked the cattle keepers to allow UWA do its work of erecting the electric fence through Busunga land saying the misunderstandings was responsible for the delay.

Col. Christopher Tummwine the Brigadier commander Kaveera 222 Barracks assured farmers that the electric fence would be completed if it had not been hampered with challenges. He however revealed that the said land in conflict which the cattel keepers claims to be theirs belongs to government.

Joshua Masereka the deputy resident district commissioner said they would engage cattle keepers in order for the project to get to the end. He urged farmers to desist from engaging in any forms of conflict with the cattle keepers as government finds a permanent solution.

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