Ugandan teachers risk losing their jobs should they defy the Covid-19 jab

By Baluku Alex

Ugandan teachers who will defy taking the Covid -19 jab risk losing their jobs when government considers reopening of schools, the Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng has warned.

Dr. Aceng sounded the warning yesterday during her official visit to Kasese district to officiate at crowning up of the oral cholera vaccination.

The Minister’s warning followed a report from the District Health Officer, Dr. Yusuf Baseke, who explained that a certain group of educated people including teachers had defied the jab claiming that it was not safe to their health.

In her repose to the report, Dr. Aceng officially announced that no teacher would be allowed to teach as long as they have not been vaccinated.

According to her, government plans to procure vaccines so that all the people get vaccinated and continue with their duties amidst the infection.

The Minister also implored the District Health Department to strengthen social mobilization about the issues related to their health through the VHTs.

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