Uganda receives second Sinovac batch of vaccines from China

By Our reporter

Uganda receives second Sinovac batch of vaccines from China. Uganda receives the second batch of Sinovac vaccines from the Government of People’s Republic of China.

The government of Uganda has received the second batch of 700,000 doses of the Sinovac vaccine donated by the Chinese Government.

The Ministry of Health will release 300,000 doses of the consignment as the second dose while the remaining 400,000 doses will be split into two to act as 1st and 2nd doses.

To date, the Government of Uganda has received 6,631,763 doses of various COVID-19 vaccines (i.e. 1.2million Sinovac).

So far, 2,575,021 doses have been administered while 3,021,994 are currently being distributed countrywide. Of the administered vaccines, 1,974,045 are for the 1st dose and 600,976 have been administered as the 2nd dose.

Speaking at the Entebbe International Airport this afternoon, Hon. Margaret Muhanga the Minister of State for Health in charge of Primary Health Care has called upon Ugandans tovisit the nearest designated vaccination point and get vaccinated.

“AVOID mixing any of the vaccines nor receive a booster dose. There is limited information on the effects of mixing vaccines and therefore every client MUST receive the same type of vaccine as both their first and second dose. This is consistent with guidance received from the Vaccine Advisory Committee whereby Uganda has NOT received any recommendation for any ‘mix-and-match of the vaccine.”

All health workers should endeavour to ALWAYS verify whether the client has received any vaccine before administering any vaccine to avoid the mixing of vaccines, Muhanga added.

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