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Teachers in Kasese begged to minimize sending candidates out of class


The Kasese Municipal Senior Inspector of schools has implored teachers to reduce on the rate of sending candidates out of classes in an attempt to seek clearance for fees a head of their Primary Leaving Examinations.

Tobia Kyomuhendo sounded the remarks on Wednesday afternoon while addressing a section of primary schools’ head teachers who had converged at Kasese P.7 School commonly known as Kasese Primary School in Kasese town for the official release of the 2022 mock results. The mock results indicated that learners from privately owned schools performed better than government aided schools.

Parental Care Preparatory School emerged the best with 100% pass followed by Trusted Care Junior School with 100% and Excel Preparatory School with 100% while Kamaiba primary school passed 84.4%, Mburakasaka primary with 20% and Mulongoti Primary School with 13%.

Ms. Kyomuhendo explained that this is the best time for the learners to concentrate on books by research and revision in order to correct the mistakes that hindered them from excelling in mock.

She also encouraged the teachers to embrace using some revision questions set in news papers in an attempt to compare them with other questions they get from other papers.

Mr. Seth Ahebwa , the Kasese Municipal Principal Education Officer also courted the head teachers to always submit their staff attendance registers to help his office monitor their performance.

While releasing the mock results, Mr. Sam Bwambale Sibaminya, the Secretary for Kasese Municipal Academic Board noted that this year’s performance of learners was better than that of the year 2020.

He however revealed that some of the challenges they faced during the examination period was late payment for exams by the schools.

Herbert Bwambale, the Municipal Secretary for Social Services observed need for the office of the Town Clerk to motivate teachers so that they get the courage of effectively attending to the learners ahead of the PLE examinations such that they can realize better performance.

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