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South Africa anti-migrant leader detained overnight

By Rwenzori Daily

The leader of an anti-migrant group in South Africa was detained overnight at a police station in the commercial capital of Johannesburg.

The reason for the arrest of Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini, 33, remains unclear.

His group, Operation Dudula, has been campaigning against undocumented foreign nationals in the country.

“We are going to allow the process of the law to happen,” he told journalists outside the Johannesburg Central Police station after his arrest.

Mr Dlamini also urged his followers not to respond with violence over his arrest.

Public broadcaster SABC quotes an official of the group as saying that Mr Dlamini is expected to appear at the Roodepoort magistrate’s court on Friday morning.

Support for the group has been growing among South African communities who feel marginalised.

There are concerns that its campaigns could lead to yet another outbreak of xenophobic violence in the country.

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