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Religious leaders urged to lead by example as places worship resume operation

By our reporter

KANUNGU– Religious leaders have been encouraged to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in leading by example to their followers as places of worship resume operation.

This was sounded by Rt.Rev. Dan Zoreka, the Bishop of the Diocese of Kinkinzi in Kanungu district during an exclusive interview with

Bishop Zoreka’s advice come just days after the presidential address where President Museveni further eased the lockdown by reopening worshipping places.

Bishop Zoreka who aplauded the president for allowing places of worship to resume appealed to the religious leaders to preach the gospel of vaccination to their followers for their well being.

The Bishop asked believers to follow the set standard operating procedures SOPs to protect themselves from the deadly COVID-19.

He also advised religious leaders to prepare their places of worship for their followers to adhere to the SOPs and also appealed to churches with large believes to conduct prayers in shifts which he said will help in keeping the SOPs.

Bishop Zoreka also appealed to the parents who have students in post secondary institutions to have them vaccinated to prepare them for school reopening on 1st November 2021.

Parents were asked to create time for their children especially giving them guidance and counseling in this covid 19 holiday.

Bishop Zoreka advised learners in primary and secondary schools to take advice from their parents and elders if they are to keep safe in this trying moment as they prepare for schools reopening in January 2021 as directed by the President.

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