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Religious leaders from Kasese asked to join fight against corruption

By Matiya Tubamanya

Religious leaders from Kasese District have been encouraged to build a moral structure in their followers as one way of fighting corruption.

Speaking to the leaders from the different denominations across the district at the District Council Hall on Tuesday, Rev. Can Aaron Mwesigye, the Director for Ethics/ Religious Affairs in the Office of the President, said that the breakdown of morals among the community members was the beginning of corruption.

Can. Mwesigye stressed that it was the role of religious leaders to sensitize the community to be morally upright right away from the family level.

Nicholas Abora, the Acting Permanent Secretary for Ethics and Integrity revealed that the acts that were culturally termed as abominations (dislikes) are being taken as usual and normal practices hence leading to moral decay, appealing to the religious leaders to sensitize the community members to go back to their cultural values.

Rev. Ezra Mukonzo Yongeza, the Chairperson for the Kasese District Interfaith Committee, described corruption as evil, pledging on behalf of all religious leaders in the district to intensify their fight against it.

The Kasese District Khadhi, Sheik Sadiki Musa Baluku, said they would use their different platforms to sensitize their followers about the need to have good morals so as to fight the vice of corruption.

The Kasese District Chairperson, Eliphaz Muhindi Bukombi said now that the religious leaders have been brought on board in the fight against corruption, he was quite sure that the vice that was eating up the district would drastically reduce.

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