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Private School reopening in Masindi hangs in balance

 By Innocent Atuganyira

MASINDI: Learning institutions are set to reopen next week on 10th January 2021; however, the fate of reopening some private schools in Masindi is still hanging in balance.

Adolf Kato the Deputy District Education Officer Masindi District Local Government explained that they were unable to meet some school proprietors noting that they were unreachable during their supervision of schools a head of reopening next week.

The education specialist told this online that some school proprietors they are not sure whether their teachers will resume teaching since they have been engaged in other businesses during the two year lockdown. “There is no any sign of some private school reopening in the district”. Kato said

Kato however said that they will be able to avail details of private schools which have not been able to reopen when learning institutions reopen on Monday next week.

‘’Since the government schools received grant, a lot of preparations are on-going, including repairing broken desks, windows, verandas, purchasing materials such as liquid soap, washing facilities and others to ensure safety of children,’’ he explained.

The deputy district education officer noted that all teaching and non-teaching staff in government schools in Masindi district have been vaccinated against the deadly corona virus, he however disclosed that for the fate of private schools, they are not aware how many will reopen or whether the teachers have been vaccinated.

The education specialist also noted that they are supervising the schools as a team including the office of chief administrative officer, health department, security, community and education sector noting it’s done to ensure safety of children as they resume studies next week.

He has asked parents and guardians to send their children back to school in time, discuss with school administrators over school fees arrears mostly in private schools to ensure all children are in learning institutions.

Kato has also challenged all the unvaccinated teachers mostly in private schools to get vaccinated against corona virus rather than getting the jab on the last date, noting it’s better to get vaccinated one week before reopening of schools for easy monitoring.

Masindi district has 69 primary government aided schools, and six secondary government aided schools. Kato explains that before the closure of learning institutions, they had over 50 private schools in the district.

Speaking to our reporter, Richard Kasaija the head teacher of Green Valley Secondary School disclosed that they are prepared to reopen the learning institution noting registration of new students kicked off, and they have purchased the necessities for observing the standard operating procedures including hand washing facilities, sanitizer, and they have created enough learning environment to maintain social distance.

‘’We have not hiked school fees since all people were affected by the outbreak of corona virus, but my worry is some children may not report back to school since they have been demoralized,’’ Kasaija noted. He asked the parents to work in hand with school administrators to ensure learners report back to learning institutions.

Uthuman Swaib the head teacher of Uthuman Nursery and Primary School in Masindi Municipality explained all their teachers have been vaccinated against the deadly corona virus pandemic, and they are safe to resume classes.

The head teacher also said that all their teachers reported to school on 13th December 2021 to prepare for the reopening of the school, adding that they also had a three day workshop of training their teachers on how to handle the children since they have been in a long lockdown.

‘’We have purchased all the materials to observe the standard operating procedures including temperature guns, hand washing facilities, and others adding that they have not hiked school fees since all people have been affected by the outbreak of corona virus,’’ Swaib noted

The head teacher also noted that since the government asked schools to admit pregnant children back to classes, they are ready to receive them back but their worry is whether these children will report back to school. He has therefore asked parents and guardians to send pregnant children to learning institutions since it’s their right.

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