OBR renews demand for the creation of a ministry in government

By Jerome Kule Bitswande

The Rwenzururu Kingdom has renewed demand for the creation of a ministry in government that will specifically help resolve issues that have affected the Rwenzori sub region.

The Rwenzori sub region, specifically Kasese and Bundibugyo, has suffered violence for more than 100 years.

Currently, there is a ministry for Luwero-Rwenzori under the office of the Prime Minister.

But Joseph Kule Muranga, the Kingdom’s Premier says a separate ministry would help resolve the violence in the Rwenzori and subsequently spur socio-economic development in the area.

He made the remarks yesterday during a youth leaders’ meeting convened by Creations Forum Afrika at TJ Global Hotel in Kasese town.

But Johnication Muhindo, the Executive Director at Creations Forum Afrika says there is need for government to design a special program to address the challenges affecting the Rwenzori since the area has grappled with violence for long.

Muhindo says a peace, recovery and development plan specifically designed for the region would also go a long way to empower the young people to engage in ventures that would spur development in the area.

He also cites the need to engage young people in all peace initiatives in the district since they have a big stake in the development of the area.

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