Ntandi residents in Bundibugyo are counting loses following Sunday’s fire

By Jack Baluku

On Sunday, fire gutted a three room house at Ntandi Town Council in Bundibugyo District, destroying properties worth millions of shillings.

The fire that started at 12:00pm, originated from a seating room of Mr. Erick Mwenge before it spread to other rooms including the bedroom, store and his shop where it destroyed everything.

Peter Mutsungwe a resident in the area also operating a shop on the next room was also affected and told Journalists they suspected the have to have been caused by an electricity circuit. However, other eyewitnesses have given different views in regard to the source of the fire.

Mr. Julius Thalyalhughabwe, the Local Council one Chairperson for Bundimasoli Central Cell, regretted the incident and hailed a group of residents who swung in action to put off the fire.

Daniel Haggi, the chairperson for the Business community at Ntandi town council, strongly warned the locals from keeping their money in houses stressing the need for them embrace the culture of saving in the bank.

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