Museveni To Reopen Places Of Worship As Schools Remain Closed Till Next Year

By our reporter

President Yoweri Museveni is tomorrow expected to address the Nation on COVID-19 situation and other related issues in the country.

On 18 June 2021, the president instituted a total lockdown for 42 days in the country. The lockdown was peddled at curbing the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

When the 42 days elapsed, Museveni relaxed the lockdown on the major sectors which included Tourism, transport; he however extended the lockdown on places of worship and schools for 60 days and 42 days on betting, Cinema halls and other sports activities.

According to a source at the state house, the president will direct the reopening of churches and places of worship under the strict guidelines in place to control the spread of Covid-19 virus.

“According to what I have heard, schools will remain closed till next year. The continued closure is alluded to government’s motive of vaccinating at least 500,000 teachers in the country,” the source said.

Yesterday, the ministry of education and sports expressed its dismay over the low uptake of vaccination among teachers across the country.

A total of 366,108 teachers out of a target population of 550,000 have got their first and second doses. This now raises questions on how the government will proceed with the possible reopening of learning institutions which is hinged on the vaccination of teachers.

In the meantime, the education ministry is now targeting the vaccination of 310,000 learners above the age of 18 in tertiary institutions.

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