MP Katusabe accuses Kasese RDC for alleged failure to account for Covid-19 funds

By Editor

The Bukonzo County West Member of Parliament, Godfrey Atkins Katusabe, has accused the Kasese Resident District Commissioner for his alleged failure to account for the Covid-19 funds and other donations meant to benefit the population.

Katusabe, who addressed the press over the weekend, alleged that the money meant to facilitate the campaign against Covid-19 is said to have been mismanaged by the District Taskforce headed by the RDC, Lt. Joe Walusimbi.

According to Katusabe, government is supposed to give shillings 55 million to the every District Covid-19 Taskforce to aid in carrying out community sensitization meetings.

Katusabe also criticized the criteria used by the RDC to distribute the relief food which was collected by the six FDC members of the former 10th parliament to the intended beneficiaries during the first wave of the Covid-19.

The legislator further condemned the RDC for continuing to criticize the FDC party and the Members of Parliament who subscribe to it before the electorate.

Responding to the claims, Lt. Walusimbi said that the allegations levied against him could have been facilitated by the MP’s failure to deliver services to the people in his constituency.

The RDC also categorically put it clear that he cannot stop campaigning for the NRM party that he subscribes to.


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