Mbunga sub-county in Kasese battles with low pit latrine coverage

By Rwenzori Daily

Mbunga sub-county in Kasese district is still battling with low pit latrine coverage at most homes.

A survey carried out in the area indicates that many families have unimproved latrines. Most of the latrines do not have doors, toilet covers while others are built with dry banana leaves to make the walls.

Most latrines visited by our reporter were not roofed, making it hard for the family members to go and answer the nature’s call if it rains.

Ruth Biira, the Sub-county Chairperson confirmed the findings that our reporter had discovered from the ground.

According to her, other families share latrines especially those staying near each other.

Franklin Musoki, a 20 year-old resident of Kabwe village which is among the most affected areas reported that most men have ignored to take up their responsibilities because they spend most of their time loitering at trading centres.

According to her, the vice has not only affected health and sanitation but also leads to poverty.

She has requested the area leadership to start arresting men who would be found at trading centers during working hours.

Now, to address the challenge if low latrine coverage, Biira has since pledged that together with the area Health Inspector, they have called for a meeting with the Village Health Team members to devise means of handling the issue.

The general latrine coverage in Kasese district currently stands at 80 percent but at the same time still remains low at 30 percent in most areas across the district. 

Basing on the survey, the Environmental Health Officers are required to continuously intensify health education at household levels so that the community members are sensitized about the importance of good health practices as well as proper use of latrines, keeping them clean and covered as well as desisting from defecating at communal water sources.

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