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Late Bishop Magezi’s leaked deathbed audio draws NKD Christians into fresh tears

By our reporter

RUKUNGIRI– The audio message of late Bishop Benon Magezi has opened fresh wounds among North Kigezi Diocesan Christians.

The heartbreaking audio message clearly shows that the Bishop died with un answered questions which forced him before he breathed last on oxygen to record it and later died.

It was kept as a secret but after hearing different messages a confidant to the late shared it to reduce tension in the church because it has the whole truth.

The message in the audio is a sad story which has put christians back into fresh tears as they hear the man of God trying to defend accusations and listing names of people who were handling some projects.

He thanked Dr. Johnson Byabasheija for standing with him and supporting the church and blessed him endlessly to his family, wealth, work and his future plans.

Byabasheija who is the chairman of the building committee for Kampala group has been instrumental in the church and Rukungiri community. The bishop placed him in God’s hand for protection, good health and wished him throughout his life before he breathed last.

The audio mentions COVID-19 pandemic challenges which failed some church projects but he kept on fundraising. He mentions people who have not seen the cathedral building work done and the social media documentary which was shared. He in the same audio laments on allegations, accusations and mentions the caretaker who is his best friend.

He talks about retired clergy’s concern, clergy who cheated serving years, the 40 years anniversary and Evangelical sermons. The fallen Bishop Magezi also talks about prayers and message of encouragement from Kampala and Rukungiri Christians. He goes on to talk about the church and his role as its leader since he was enthroned and wondered how some people don’t take him as the one in charge.

In a fading voice as he coughs with less energy, in a sad mood, late Bishop Magezi goes through accountability, Land projects and church transactions. He talks about church unity, people who have not appreciated his services, future projects, development of archdeaconaries and Mother’s Union and policies as well as church finance, the Diocesan treasurer and blesses his church.

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