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Kameli Zephania Bwambale wins the Uganda Travel Writers Competitions

By rwenzoridaily.com

The Bughalitsa village based cultural and local tourism writer, Mr. Kameli Zephaniah Bwambale has emerged one of the top 20 Travel Writers in Uganda under the Uganda Travel Writers Competitions 2022.

Uganda Travel Writers Competition is organized by the Uganda Uncovered, a travel brand that promotes domestic tourism and aims at interesting young people in touring Uganda as well as providing a platform for budding travel writers to harness their travel writing skills.

Kameli Zephaniah Bwambale heads the Youth in Tourism (YIT) at Kasese Tourism Investors Forum (KTIF) and started raising his tourism curtain when he championed the Mbunga Bughalitsa Hiking Tour 2021 that attracted thousands of domestic tourists last year in October.

He is among the young committed youth with a belief that tourism can be used to transform Rwenzori and the whole of Uganda based on the tourism potential available in Kasese.

According to him, Kameli was inspired by Ms. Charlotte Nagawa Beauvoisin; a diary of a white (Muzungu) blogger. Kameli says is passionate and likes writing about tourism and culture because he loves what he termed as his beautiful motherland at the mountains of the moon.

He also revealed that his write-ups on tourism and culture intends to attract both domestic and international tourists to Rwenzori Mountains to increase the number of visitors by amplifying the beauty of the motherland. “This can only be achieved through writing” Kameli added.

Speaking to rwenzoridaily.com, Kameli says was so happy that he was selected among the Top 20 Uganda travel writers for 2022 something he said has given him courage to continue pursuing the writing career because recognition is an excellent motivator.

Now, Kameli advises fellow youth to focus their energies on productive things especially ideas that transform and contribute to a world that they would like to live in as young people.

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