FDC officially deploys spies in NRM camps in Kasese

By Our Senior Reporter

The Kasese District FDC Chairperson has officially disclosed that his party has deployed spies into the ruling NRM party purposely to secure information that will guide FDC strengthen its mobilization.

Saulo Maate made the revelation on Saturday while commissioning an 11 member mobilization team for Busongora South Constituency at his office in Kasese town.

Maate happily said that much as the ruling NRM party is welcoming people from the opposition parties, FDC is too receiving people who are defecting from the NRM party. According to him, FDC has not liked to publicize the defectors names because they have been planted into the ruling NRM party as spies.

He displayed over 15 membership cards of the NRM defectors, claiming that their owners are part of the people who have been deployed into the ruling NRM party as spies.

While commissioning the mobilization team, the District FDC Boss implored the members to embrace teamwork and cooperate with the rest of the party members to establish the reasons why some people runaway from the party.

Aloysius Baguma Kighema, the former parliamentary hopeful for Busongora South Constituency on the FDC ticket, explained that they are currently reorganizing themselves in a bid to reclaim all the political positions that they lost in the 2021 general elections.  

Nerveless Kikama, the steering Chairperson for the commissioned team warned other members subscribing to the opposition against associating the FDC party ideologies with those of the National Unity Platform –NUP political party.

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