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Expedite the process of handing over medical equipment belonging to Kilembe Mines Hospital-Kasese District Social Services Committee

By Zalimon Basighalha (Good Luck)

The Kasese District Social Services Committee has asked the Chief Administrative Officer to expedite the process of handing over medical equipment belonging to Kilembe Mines Hospital to its management for the smooth running of the hospital activities.

After the May 2020 floods from River Nyamwamba that destroyed major structures at Kilembe Mines Hospital in Bulembia Division, the medical equipment were temporarily shifted to St. Michael Kindergarten and the Social services premises owned by the Catholic Diocese of Kasese in Kasese town.

But the committee members reported during a council sitting on Monday that they had learnt that the medical equipment are still at Mt. St. Mary’s hospital, formerly St. Michael Kindergarten.

However, recently when the Management of Mt. St. Mary’s Hospital wanted to hand over the equipment to Kilembe Mines Hospital, the Kasese RDC, Lt. Joe Walusimbi reported during a stakeholders’ meeting that government was not yet ready to handover the equipment back to the Management of Kilembe Mines Hospital.  

Hon. Joyce Biira Kiripi, the Chairperson for the Social Services Committee noted during the Council meeting that there was an urgent need for the Chief Administrative Officer to expedite the process of handing over the medical equipment, arguing that Kilembe Mines Hospital which has partially shifted to the premises adjacent to the former premises serves people from the mountainous areas of the Greater sub-county and other surrounding areas.

The same committee recommended that the CAO’s office should also expedite the process of allocating another ambulance to Bwera Government General Hospital after getting informed that recently an ambulance belonging to the facility was gutted by fire.  

In the report, Hon. Kiripi did indicate that there was need for the Council to establish a health centre III in Kinyamaseke Town Council in the 2022/2023 Financial Year budget saying the urban centre was greatly development in terms of population but without a government grant aided health facility.

Meanwhile, Works and Technical Services Committee led by Rodgers Masereka reported that some roads like Kahendero-Mithibiri (6km), Karambi-Kisolholho (3km) and Katiri-Mbunga (21km) needed to be graded as well as rehabilitating a bridge along the Kisolholho road.

Representing the Marketing and Natural Resources Committee, its Chairperson, Hon. Obed Masereka noted that there was need to establish roadside markets along the Highways in the entire district to curtail the residents from walking local distances to the established market centres.

He was optimistic that the establishment of the said markets would help to generate more local revenue.

In the same council sitting, the councilors were officially informed that the directly elected councilor representing Kitabu sub-county, Uziah Muthabali was no longer holding his position after securing a government job as a teacher of History and Christian Religious Education (CRE) at Mutanywana Secondary School in Kyarumba Town Council.

Muthabali, who had come to the Council sitting to represent his electorate, was asked by the Speaker to shift from the council chambers to the gallery.

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