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Egypti mosquito that causes yellow fever sighted in Kasese


A mosquito that causes yellow fever has been sighted in Kasese district, this Rwenzori Daily has learnt.

Known as an Egypti mosquito, it makes the eyes of an infected person turn yellowish with signs and symptoms related to Ebola disease.

Now, the Kasese District Surveillance Focal Person, Mr. Samuel Muhindo Kabinga says the health department has learnt that the Egypti mosquito has been reported in some parts of the district including Nyamirami village in Muhokya Sub-county and other surrounding areas.

According to him, the cases of yellow fever have started being reported in the mentioned areas.

He explains that on October 23 last year, out of 10 samples that were taken from the people in Nyamirami village, at least two tested positive to yellow fever, an indication that the said mosquito has surfaced in the district.

However, Mr. Kabinga attributes the prevalence of the Egypti mosquito to the number of forests surrounding the Rwenzori Mountains.

The District Surveillance Focal Person advises the population in general to always visit some health facilities whenever they feel weak so that they are diagnosed when the disease in its early stages that can be managed and handled by the health workers. Kabinga on the other happily reveals that the two cases that tested positive have since healed and are moving freely in the public.

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