Delay to de-silt River Nyamwamba Water channel blamed on corruption.

By Baluku Alex

The Bulembia Division L.C III Chairperson, Richard Bomera has blamed the delay by government to de-silt Nyamwamba River channel to corruption he says has eaten up several offices across the country.

Yesterday morning, River Nyamwamba and other sister rivers streaming from the Rwenzori Mountains burst their banks causing devastating floods that destroyed an assortment of property including bricks in Kanyangeya cell of Nyamwamba Division in Kasese Municipality.

According to Bomera, government in 2015 made an impact assessment and subsequently commissioned the first phase of de-silting River Nyamwamba Water Channel but up to now no accountability has been made.

The Division boss adds that at least shillings 27 billion was allocated to do the work but nothing big was seen on ground, an indication that the money was not put to its proper use.

Bomera, who was the then District Councilor representing Bulembia Division says in 2018, the government of Egypt funded yet another phase of de-silting River Nyamwamba Water Channel but wonders if the money was used for the purpose for which it was meant.

The Division Chairperson, who looks disappointed, says he has on several occasions engaged the relevant authorities for their intervention but his efforts have not yet yielded any fruits.

Developing Story: River Nyamughasana in Kyarumba Town Council has again burst its banks putting the area leaders in panic.

Zonet Mbambu Mulhwahali, the L.C I Chairperson for Kyarumba Central Cell says she is skeptical that the floods might find some people in the River valley and in the process end up taking their lives.

She has since appealed to the residents to desist from risking their lives by thronging the River valley during this period when the river continues to flood.

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Amanyire chris July 16, 2021 at 4:42 pm

MWE should be serious allocation of budget through ministry of Finance must consider prune areas, prun to floods


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