Christians without facemasks denied access to church service.

By Baluku Alex

Christians who had thronged St. Paul’s cathedral in Kasese yesterday for the Easter Sunday Service without facemasks were stopped from entering the church.  

The church’s resolution to bounce those without facemasks was aimed at curtailing the spread of a virus that causes corona. When the pandemic was declared globally, the Ugandan Ministry of Health came up with guidelines including wearing of facemasks, social distancing and hand washing.

However, the public seems to have relaxed by ignoring the guidelines even when the virus has claimed many lives in the country.

So, to avert the spread of the virus, six hand-washing facilities were placed on all the entry points and every Christian was directed to first wash their hands before entering the church.

Because religious functions attract new people from distant places, Church wardens were seen by our reporter who attended the first service stopping Christians without facemasks from entering the church.

Those stopped from entering the church were heard saying that they had forgotten them at home and asked to be allowed to attend the church service but their requests did not yield fruits.

At the Cathedral Church of Catholic Diocese of Kasese, Rev. Fr. Sausi Businge who led all the masses advised the congregation to always put on facemasks.

Kasese Municipality Member of Parliament, Hon. Robert Centenary told the congregation that he was vaccinated and asked the Christians not to listen to anyone politicizing the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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