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CHALAPI donates food to Ibuga Farm Prison inmates on New Year’s Eve


Center for Hope and Life in and after Prison Initiative Uganda-CHALAPI, a non-governmental organization in Kasese district together with the fathers union from St. Paul’s Cathedral has made a donation of food and non-food items to Ibuga Farm Prison inmates to have their new year’s special meal.

The items, which included 200 Kilograms of Cassava flour, 50 cartons of soda, six basins, 20 litters of liquid soap, 400 Lazabrade, 1000 tablets of paracetamol to refill their first aid kit/clinic were fully donated by CHALAPI on 31st of December 2022.

As part of the visit, the Gospel message of Christ Jesus was also shared with the inmates as well a moment of prayer.

Members of the Fathers Union from St. Paul’s Cathedral and CHALAPI staff introducing themselves to the inmates at Ibuga Fram Prison.

On behalf of the prison, the OC, Godfrey Komachechi thanked CHALAPI and the fathers union for choosing Ibuga Farm Prison to join the inmates as they usher in the new year.

Komachechi said that prayer contributes 70% of the emotion stability of prisoners saying many times when the prisoners hear that someone is visiting the facility to pray with them, they jump in the air.

He commended CHALAPI and the Church for their role in seeking good health, happiness and well-being for the inmates.

“It is rare for people to think about people behind bars and we thank you for keeping the inmates in your thoughts especially when we are ushering in the new year, “Komachechi said”.

He urged other churches and organisations to emulate Chalapi in its approach to preaching, supporting and promoting the development of prisons in the district. “These are our people and later on when they are released, they will return to the community and behave well, but if we do not look after them, they will die of hunger in prison,” he added. Ibuga Farm Prison 737 inmates.

Speaking on behalf of the prisoners, Boniface Kasereka Mate, an inmate and religious leader representing the Anglicans, said that they were grateful for the donation and prayed a blessing over CHALAPI for remembering the inmates at the facility.

Boniface Kasereka Mate receiving the consignment on behalf of the prisoners.

Delivering the homily, Rev. Peter Kamalha, the South Rwenzori Diocesan Fathers Union Coordinator, said that their visit was inspired by the divine charge in the Bible where it encourages Christians to visit the vulnerable in distress.

Speaking to the media after delivering the donations, Godfrey Kiwede, the Executive Director at CHALAPI, said the contribution is to show love and support to inmates more especially as they usher in the new year.

“We came to Ibuga Farm Prison to give some small donations and you know the crises of today so we have to join hands together with the government and to give donations to the prison as an organization,” he said.

Godfrey Kule Kiwede, Executive Director for Center for Hope and Life in and after Prison Initiative Uganda-CHALAPI. Kiwede is an ex-prisoner. He found himself in prison for 70 days after he was falsely accused of theft. He managed to get himself bailed, which is something many prisoners have little concept of, and once he was out of prison he was able to prove his innocence. During this time he lost everything he possessed and almost lost his life. However, the experience changed his life and he made a commitment to God that he would work to improve the lives of prisoners, many of whom are innocent, like him, but on remand waiting for a day in court to plead their case.

Mr. Kiwede revealed that his organization has secured an acer of land in Kasese district where with support from his funders have constructed a rehabilitation home to provide released Prisoners with facilities like short stay, skill training and other assistance in order to facilitate their transition from incarceration to community life, bearing in mind holistic care.

He said that the rehabilitation home would also help the residents to reintegrate into society by improving their interpersonal relationships and restoring their self-esteem and confidence, forgiving & forbearance.

Kiwede added that the center would also take the responsibility of preparing the ex-offenders to face the challenges and demands to be expected on their return to the community, with much needed counseling & guidance.

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Rev. Robert Zziwa January 2, 2023 at 6:45 pm

Good information about the ministry and support from CHALAPI, UG and Fathers’ Union. God bless their hands and ministry.


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