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Brutal Torture Ordeal Revealed: Mulinde’s Harrowing Testimony Exposes Government Brutality

KAMPLA, UGANDA: In a chilling revelation that sheds light on the harrowing realities faced by opposition members in Uganda, Reuben Mulinde, a staunch member of the National Unity Platform (NUP), has come forward to narrate his traumatic torture ordeal at the hands of state security personnel.

Mulinde’s testimony, shared exclusively with our reporter at the NUP headquarters, unveils a distressing narrative of brutality, intimidation, and relentless persecution.

Mulinde, a resilient advocate for democracy and human rights, detailed the appalling sequence of events that unfolded during his abduction on the fateful evening of January 11, 2021.

Recounting the terrifying experience, Mulinde revealed, “I was driving home from my business when security agencies intercepted my movement, dragging me into a Toyota Haice car. I was blindfolded, my hands bound with wires, and subjected to relentless physical abuse.”

The journey to an undisclosed location, shrouded in darkness and fear, marked the beginning of Mulinde’s agonizing ordeal. “I was taken to a cold, unfamiliar room, where I endured days of interrogation, torture, and psychological torment,” he recounted. Stripped of his dignity and subjected to barbaric acts of violence, Mulinde faced a barrage of questions aimed at silencing his dissent and loyalty to the opposition.

“They asked me why I was supporting the opposition, why I didn’t care about my family, and demanded information about our party’s activities,” Mulinde disclosed, his voice trembling with emotion. Each query was met with punishment and brutality, as Mulinde endured relentless beatings and degrading treatment at the hands of his captors.

Throughout his ordeal, Mulinde was confined to a dark, suffocating cell, deprived of basic necessities and subjected to unimaginable suffering. “I witnessed the cries of fellow detainees, the sound of their anguish echoing through the walls of our prison,” he recalled, his eyes clouded with pain. “I was starved, beaten, and subjected to waterboarding, struggling to cling to consciousness amidst the torment.”

The brutality inflicted upon Mulinde extended beyond physical violence, as he endured psychological manipulation and degradation. “I was forced to endure unspeakable acts of humiliation and degradation, stripped of my humanity and dignity,” he lamented, his voice filled with anguish. “I was subjected to degrading acts of forced ingestion, coercion, and violation, leaving me scarred both physically and emotionally.”

Despite the unbearable agony, Mulinde remained resolute in his defiance, refusing to surrender his principles or betray his beliefs. “I refused to yield to their demands, to renounce my allegiance to the opposition or abandon my quest for justice and freedom,” he asserted, his eyes burning with determination. “Even in the face of unimaginable suffering, I remained steadfast in my commitment to the cause of democracy and human rights.”

Mulinde’s release from captivity, while a moment of relief, offered little solace in the wake of his traumatic ordeal. “I emerged from detention battered, bruised, and broken, my spirit scarred by the horrors I endured,” he confessed, his voice trembling with emotion. “But even as I struggle to heal from the physical and emotional wounds inflicted upon me, my resolve remains unshaken.”

The revelations of Mulinde’s torture ordeal have sparked outrage and condemnation from human rights advocates and opposition figures alike.

Joel Ssenyonyi, spokesperson for the NUP, denounced the systematic campaign of violence and intimidation targeting opposition members. “Mulinde’s testimony is a stark reminder of the grave human rights abuses perpetrated by the government’s security apparatus,” Ssenyonyi declared. “The targeting of opposition members, arbitrary arrests, and torture are flagrant violations of fundamental rights and freedoms.”

In response to Mulinde’s allegations, Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga denied any knowledge of the torture claims, dismissing them as unsubstantiated.

However, Mulinde’s courageous decision to come forward has ignited calls for accountability and justice, as the international community demands an independent investigation into the systematic abuse of power and repression in Uganda.

As Mulinde continues to grapple with the physical and emotional scars of his ordeal, his unwavering determination to seek justice serves as a beacon of hope amidst the darkness of oppression.

“I refuse to be silenced, to cower in fear, or surrender to tyranny,” he declared, his voice resonating with defiance. “My voice will be heard, my story will be told, and together, we will strive to build a future where freedom and justice prevail.”

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