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Bishop Baluku puts schools, parents on alert over homosexuality


The Bishop of South Rwenzori diocese, Rt Rev Nason Baluku wants parents to first do due diligence on the moral fiber in boarding schools before sending their children so as to avert the advent of homosexuality.

Describing homosexuality as a “snake” that is slowly crawling into the country, Bishop Baluku said that those recruiting young people are targeting boarding schools.

The Bishop was speaking at St Paul’s Cathedral in Kasese town during a service in which he confirmed 300 pupils into the Anglican faith. The confirmation candidates were drawn from primary and secondary schools that fall under St Paul’s denary.

“There is a snake that has entered schools and it has come with money targeting our children. Before sending children to a secondary school, first do research about the school. There are schools where homosexuality has taken over.” Warned Bishop Baluku.

Bishop of South Rwenzori Diocese, Rt. Rev. Nason Baluku preaching at St. Paul’s Cathedral. FILE PHOTO

The Bishop, who said that the youths are the closest at heart amongst all his friends, warned that the administration of many schools may not be blamed because they may not be aware that the immoral practice has rooted in dormitories.

He said that though homosexuality has allegedly been detected in a few schools in Uganda, Kasese District still remains with no such reports hence asking parents not to send children to schools that are far away from home.

“The Administration of the schools may not know what is going on but the devil’s agents have entered schools. Some of our children are paid up to Sh500000 to attend seminars outside schools. And because some parents don’t give enough pocket money, the children run for these offers” he said.

He added that; “the gospel should be preached in schools because when the teachers and students are saved, we will defeat homosexuality. Also let the school administrators report cases so that we are able to preach there”

Uganda circularly and religiously prohibits homosexuality because it is an offense in the penal code and a sin in the biblical teaching.  Both government and religious leaders have been speaking passionately against the practice saying the purpose of marriage is to start a family through pro-creation.

Bishop Baluku who said that the Anglican Church in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya has been vocal in rejecting homosexuality, called upon the parents to be the first layer of defense against the popularization of the vice by spending vital time with children praying regularly with them during holidays.

Bishop Nason Baluku in his Office at the Cathedral Hill in Kasese Town. FILE PHOTO

According to the Bishop, the country will degenerate morally because the parents have distanced themselves from children whereby even during holidays, a father or mother leaves early and returns home late.

“Without the support of parents, may not defeat this snake that makes a man marry a man and a woman marry a woman.  Some parents have left children with maids for the entirety of the day and so they watch TV without parents controlling which channels they are watching” the Bishop added.

Rev Robert Zziwa the Youth Pastor in the St Paul’s denary reported that efforts to preach the gospel to the youth have been hampered by some administrators of schools who do not open the gates to church for the sake of academics.

Zziwa said that much as most of the schools have allowed the church to conduct chapel services and fellowships, the word of God may not be received well with people of the same age groups being denied a chance by their school administrators.

Rev Robert Zziwa the Youth Pastor and Assistant Sub-Dean in the St Paul’s denary-South Rwenzori Diocese. FILE PHOTO

“Some of the challenges we have found in the schools is lack of bibles and prayer books whereas other schools do not want to allow us to enter and preach to the Christians who are there” reported Rev Zziwa.

Anna Kule, the Head of Laity for the St Paul’s denary pleaded with parents to work together with the school administrations to ensure that the children do not be kept away from the gospel since they spend much of their time at school.

Bishop Baluku revealed that the Province of the Church of Uganda has taken decisions about schools that don’t allow other religions to preach because they are founded on a different faith.

“The recent Provincial council took a decision not to admit other religious leaders to preach in our schools if they do not allow us to preach in their schools too.  The Church of Uganda has allowed other religions to go in schools and preach and so we must be allowed in other schools because our Christians are there” Baluku emphasized.

Most of the primary and secondary schools both government aided and private are founded by faith-based organizations.  In some cases, administrators of such schools must be devoted believers in the founding faith institutions.

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