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Archbishop Mugalu louds Museveni for reopening places of worship

By our reporter

KAMPALA– The archbishop of church of Uganda the most Rev. Dr. Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu has appealed to all Bishops, the clergy and the laity to appreciate God for the 200 people that have been allowed to attend church services.

In his congratulatory message upon reopening of places of worship, archbishop Kaziimba said that it has been long since places of worship were closed where he thanked president Museveni upon considering reopening the places of worship.

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Am grateful that in his state of the nation address, the president of Uganda has reopened places of worship. Am aware of the voices saying that it would have been good for the number of worshippers to depend on the size of a worship place, whereas that is a good argument” Kaziimba sounded.

Addressing the country on Wednesday night president Museveni consequently allowed churches, mosques and other places of worship to reopen but noted they will only accommodate 200 people at a time and there must be strict adherence to all SOPs at all times including hand washing or use of alcohol-based sanitizer, temperature monitoring, and constant wearing of facemasks by all congregants including the choir and preachers.

Archbishop Kaziimba called upon Bishops, the clergy and the laity to follow the directive of allowing Christians in church and also continue with radio ministry, Tv ministry and online ministry for those who will be in their homes.

“I request that we appreciate and begin with 200 people allowed at any time given” Kaziimba stressed.

Archbishop Kaziimba also asked church leaders to emulate having more than one service in a day of worship, observe the standard operating procedures, spray after every service or clean pews, sanitize and wait for the next congregation after keeping the space empty for an hour.

He further requested them to keep services short and use masks including the choirs and encourage Christians to go for COVID-19 Vaccine.

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