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Alex Baluku’s Curriculum Vitae

Baluku Alex

Mobile: +256773770525/0706294731


Brief Bio

  • Gender:               Male
  • Date of Birth:     09/11/1991
  • Place of Birth:   Kalamia Village, Kahokya Parish, L.Katwe S/C Kasese District
  • Nationality:                        Ugandan
  • Education:                          –Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies from African Ark College of Management Sciences-2016.

-Diploma in Environmental Journalism from Team University-2013.

-Student: Bachelors of Arts of Journalism and Media Studies at Team University from 2020-2023.

Current Location: Kasese District-Western Uganda

Current Position: Multimedia Science and Water Journalist, Founder, Production Manager and News Reporter-Messiah Radio, President for Kasese United Journalists Association-KUJA.

Work Experience

November 2016-Now

Founder, Environmental, Science and Water Journalist, Production and Traffic Officer for Messiah Radio (97.5fm).

Registered Member of the National Association of Science Writers NASW (In New York City-USA)
Winner of InfoNile grant for in depth Multimedia Story on the Benefits and Pitfalls of Power Dams in Rwenzori Region, 2021.
Winner of ULTIMATE MEDIA CONSULT grant for in depth Multimedia Story about poaching in the Rwenzori National Park, 2021.
Winner of Best Multimedia Story award from Ultimate Media Consult, 2021.

Winner of Pulitzer Center-Rainforest Journalism Fund for the in-depth reporting on tropical rainforests in the Amazon Basin, Congo Basin, and Southeast Asia 2022.

Skills and Competencies

-Computer and Digital Solutions

-Computer literate proficient in Ms Word, Ms excel, Ms Access etc

-Good interpersonal and communication skills

-Team player

Personal Traits and Qualities

-Ability to work in multicultural environment

-Ability to adopt to change

-Ability to work as part of a team while adhering to professionalism

-Strong analytical problem solving skills and interpersonal communication skills


English                                                 Fluent

Lhukonzo                                             Excellent

Luganda                                              Fluent

Lutooro                                                Fluent

Kiswahili                                              Fair  


-February 2022, Enhancing Media Viability introduced by Ultimate Media Consult with support from the AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY, Akademie, KFW and german cooperation.

-November 2021, Multimedia and Digital Skills introduced by Ultimate Media Consult, in-cooperation with United States of America-Mission Uganda.

-2021, Science Journalism introduced by National Association of Science Writers.
-2021, Data Journalism online course, introduced by African Center for Media Excellence.

-2021, Environmental and Water Reporting, introduced by Nile Basin Initiative.

-2019, Natural Risk Management, introduced by VRIJ University of Brussels.

-2019, Water and Natural Resources, introduced by African Center for Media Excellence-ACME.

-2019, Sensitive Conflict Reporting, introduced by Freedom House.


For references please contact:

  1. Herbert Benon Oluka, Co-founder of the Watchdog, Member of the of the African Investigative Publishing Collective e-mail:,                    Mobile:-+256756798368
  • Rawnaa Al-Masry, Screen writer – Science journalist –Researcher (Egypt).

Screen Writer for the documentary series (Malameh Masryia)-Cultural Channel NTN, National Media Authority of Egypt. Mobile: -+2- 01119217979
+2-01553773355, e-mail:

  • Fredrick Mugira, My Mentor, Co-Founder InfoNile.or, National Geographic Story Explore, Pulitzer Center Grantee, CNN/MultiChoice African Journalist Award Winner, MA Development Communication. E-mail:, Mobile: +256774359003.

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