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65 members from FDC, NUP in Kasese cross to NRM party

By Zalimon Basighalha (Goodluck)

A total of 65 members from the opposition political parties including FDC and NUP have crossed to the ruling NRM party.

The defectors who are from Kahokya and Muhokya sub-counties denounced their political parties on Wednesday at three separate places including Nyamirami, Kahokya Primary School and St. Francis Kahokya Secondary School and were received by the State Minister in-charge of National Guidance, Godfrey Baluku Kabbyanga Kime. 

Some of the defectors who officially handed their membership cards to the Minister said they decided to cross to the ruling NRM party because of the alleged ill-mannered speeches from some candidates on the opposition side that they did not name.

While receiving the defectors, Mr. Kabbyanga hailed them for allegedly making a mature decision and appealed to them to make serious mobilization so that more people are lured into joining the ruling party.

He appealed to the party members to turn up in big numbers on the polling day and vote for their candidate as they also safeguard their votes from being tempered with.

State Minister in-charge of National Guidance, Godfrey Baluku Kabbyanga Kime.

While at Kahokya trading center, residents also addressed their challenges to the State Minister through the Sub-county Chairperson, Mr. Nyesio Bwambale Byamutima.

Reading the report on behalf of the residents to the State Minister, the sub county boss highlighted a number of challenges that needs serious attention from the central government and these included poor road network, unsafe drinking water and poor telecommunication network.

Byamutima further highlighted another challenge of lack of a government secondary school and a health center III, In the same report, Byamutima asked the State Minister to amplify the resident’s voices to relevant offices.

In his response, Hon Kabyanga promised not only to take-up all the concerns highlighted but to also make follow-ups on the same matter. However, he also challenged the people of Kahyoka embrace formal education and quickly discouraged them from marrying off their under age children.

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